Kristen Bower

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On one of my first job interviews, the interviewer said, “We don’t do fluffy clouds and daydreams here, we do REAL work.” I do REAL work, too – it just may happen to have the occasional fluffy cloud and come from daydreams. After all, where do you think creativity comes from? I’ve been using my daydreams to help make my clients’ and employers’ dreams come true for over 25 years.

I love designing, illustrating, and digitally collaging images, and am proficient in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I know HTML and CSS and have worked with content management systems. I have experience carrying brand visuals across multiple platforms and am skilled at creating digital ads and presentations; social media, website, and email graphics; as well as printed ads, posters, brochures, annual reports, packaging, merchandise, billboards, way-finding and event signage, and more. I have won awards for poster, merchandise, and package designs. I manage relationships with freelancers and vendors and have been art directing, supervising, and mentoring graphic designers throughout most of my career. I am self-motivated and skilled at creative conceptualization and problem-solving in a fast-paced work environment. Please view my resume for more details. See evidence of my daydreams, gardening addiction, and love of my cats on Instagram and Twitter.